The French Presidency sends a message for the 50/50 Campaign

Valerie LetardAs the French minister for Solidarity Valérie Létard was not able to be present at the launch of the 50/50 Campaign on 16 September, she sent a message which was read during the launch.

In her message Ms Létard expressed her regret for not being able to be present, and declared her support for the Campaign. She remainded that although much progress has been achieved in the field of equality between women and men during the past thirty years, a lot remains to be done. The next European elections in June 2009 should be seen as a real opportunity to improve the situation in what comes to the representation of women in the European Parliament, as well as in what comes to the nominations for European Commission.

Ms Létard concluded by pointing out that counting on natural progress only when the goal is to reach parity in decision-making is illusory at best. Equality between women and men can only become reality once decision-makers introduce legislative measures.

Please click here to read the message (in French).

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