Women in Parliament in 2007: The Year in Perspective

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) has published a new brochure which provides an overview and analysis of progress made, and setbacks encountered, by women in accessing parliament during elections and renewals held in 2007. It presents data on women’s representation in national parliaments, regional and world trends, information on women presiding officers and women candidates. It also analyses mechanisms aimed at supporting women’s access to parliament.

According to IPU the number of countries where women reached or surpassed a critical mass of 30 percent representation in parliament remained even in 2007. In all, there are 20 countries around the world in which women have a critical mass in lower or single houses of parliament, five of which held elections during 2007: Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. The critical mass is important as it is widely considered to be the level at which women’s representation in parliament is great enough to influence policies and institutions.

You can read the whole brochure here.


President of the European Commission supports the 50/50 Campaign

Jose Manuel BarrosoThe President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso has now joined those known personalities who have declared their support for the 50/50 Campaign. The EWL thanks him for his valuable support which indicates that there might be real political will to push for 50/50 when the next European Commission is nominated.

The Vice-president of the European Commission Margot Wallström has supported the campaign since the beginning. In addition to Mr Barroso and Ms Wallström, 10 other Commissioners have already given their support for the campaign.