Series of national events with the presence of Margot Wallström

The national coordinations of the European Women’s Lobby are organising together with the representations of the European Commission a series of events in the framework of the 50/50 Campaign. The Vice-President of the European Commission Margot Wallström who has supported the 50/50 Campaign since the beginning participates in the events.

The latest event took place in Madrid on 2nd December. Apart from Commissioner Wallström, the speakers included important figures from the fields of politics, business, arts, sciences and the civil society, such as the Minister for Equality Bibiana Aido, the President fo the Equality Commission of the Congress Carmen Calvo, actor Joaquim Climent, and Maria Garaña, President of Microsoft. See the agenda

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Take action: contact the national political parties concerning the lists for the European elections

Although the next European elections are still six months away, national political parties across Europe are deciding right now who is going to be on the lists of candidates. The number of women elected will reflect the number and ranking of women on the candidate lists: the lesser the proportion of women on the list, the lesser women will be elected; if all women are put at the bottom of the list, they won’t have a chance to be elected either!

Therefore we need your help to put pressure on all national political parties and ask them to ensure the equal representation and ranking of women and men on their electoral lists and to include gender equality as a priority in their programmes.

At least in UK and in Germany the lists have already been decided, so we need to act now in order to have an impact!

You can use the model lobbying letter we have prepared.

Participate in the 50/50 Campaign by collecting signatures!

As part of the 50/50 Campaign we are collecting signatures to show that the equal representation of women and men in the EU politics is a very important issue for a large part of European citizens.

The signatures will be used to enforce our messages to political decision-makers, and to show that the 50/50 Campaign has a large public support.

Now we ask you to participate in our efforts by collecting signatures for the 50/50 Campaign. By clicking the links below you can download paper petition in different languages. Please print some copies, circulate them, and send them back to us!

50/50 Campaign paper petition in English

50/50 Campaign paper petition in French

Dutch top executives: We need women on Boards NOW!

On November 11th , seventy four male top executives signed their names to a full page advertisement in the Dutch financial newspaper. The ad is a call for more women to be appointed to boardroom positions in Dutch businesses, specifically in the distressed financial institutions.

This follows on a first advertisement four weeks ago, in which more than 30 Dutch women top executives summoned the Wouter Bos, the Secretary of the Treasury, to include women in the process of reforming the financial sector.

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Norway leads the efforts to close the gender gap

Norway leads the world in closing the gender gap between men and women, according to the overall ranking in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2008 , while Finland, Sweden and Iceland constitute the rest of the top four of the Index. Previously higher ranking countries such as Germany (11), United Kingdom (13) and Spain (17) slipped down the Index, while Netherlands (9) and Latvia (10) and France (15) improved.

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