Series of national events with the presence of Margot Wallström

The national coordinations of the European Women’s Lobby are organising together with the representations of the European Commission a series of events in the framework of the 50/50 Campaign. The Vice-President of the European Commission Margot Wallström who has supported the 50/50 Campaign since the beginning participates in the events.

The latest event took place in Madrid on 2nd December. Apart from Commissioner Wallström, the speakers included important figures from the fields of politics, business, arts, sciences and the civil society, such as the Minister for Equality Bibiana Aido, the President fo the Equality Commission of the Congress Carmen Calvo, actor Joaquim Climent, and Maria Garaña, President of Microsoft. See the agenda

In Ireland The National Women’s Council of Ireland and the representation of the European Commission in Ireland organised a public meeting on women and decision-making on 14th November. In Germany a similar event was organised by the The Deutscher Frauenrat and the European Commission Representation in Berlin on 25th November 2008. The Vice President Margot Wallström participated in both events.

Ms Butler, Chairperson of the NWCI explained why it is important to put the 50/50 Campaign in national context. “The same concerns that the 50/50 campaign highlights for European democracy, could also be applied to an Irish context. In Ireland only 13% of TDs and 19% of local councilors are women. If women, who constitute over half of the population of Ireland are represented by only 13% of sitting TDs or if they rely for their representation on men, then the capacity of the existing political system to represent women adequately is seriously diminished. This is of serious concern to the NWCI in the lead-up to the Local and European Elections in 2009.”

More similar events are expected to take place next year.

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