European Parliament discusses its own election procedure, EWL will lobby for a parity clause

The Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament is at the moment discussing a suggestion to modify the procedures for the election of the members of the European Parliament for the elections of 2014. The aim is to harmonize the way MEPs are elected in different member states.

The EWL sees the report as an opportunity to introduce an article on the equal representation of women and men into the rules governing the election of the European Parliament.

Some of the key ideas of the report are to insist on preferential voting in all member states in order to let the voters rather than the political parties decide the order of candidates, and to introduce an EU-wide list in addition to the national ones.

The report as it stands now is relatively poor in terms of gender equality. Although gender balance is mentioned as a question needing to be solved, the only concrete suggestion is to introduce gender balance to the EU-wide list, which would only cover for 10% of the seats.

You can read the draft report here.