iKNOW Politics Experts Workshop on Women in Politics: Overcoming Barriers to Participation

The International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics (iKNOW Politics) held a two-day workshop on “Women in Politics: Overcoming Barriers to Participation” in Oslo, Norway. The workshop brought together over 30 women politicians, activists and development sector practitioners, including two iKNOW Politics Experts from each region of the world. The workshop was also attended by the representatives of the Norwegian civil society and Norwegian government officials.

The topics of each panel and roundtable discussion at the workshop reflected existing barriers to women’s political participation. In this workshop, iKNOW Politics staff highlighted the barriers that were identified by iKNOW Politics members and experts in discussion circles and forums on the website. Some of the most frequently cited barriers included: lack of money, lack of time, political party structures and exclusion from existing informal political networks.

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