European Commission’s Debate Forum on Women and Politics running between 5 March until 25 March

On the occasion of the International Women’s day 2009 and linked to the incoming European elections, Vice-President of the European Commission Margot Wallström has launched a debate about “Women and Politics” on the Commission’s web forum “Debate Europe”.

This debate will run from 5 March until 25 March.

Joining the forum will permit you to debate on-line about issues like:
– Is there a difference of style between men and women in political decision-making?
– Are women under-represented in European and national politics?
– How can gender equality be improved at the European, national, regional and local level? How do you see the situation in your country?
– How we can encourage more people to vote?

Instructions on how to join the forum:
1. Go to the “Debate Europe” website
2. Click on the “join the forum” on the left-hand side
3. Register at the top right of the page
4. Fill out the registration form
5 You will receive an e-mail confirmation, click on the link in the mail to activate your account
6. In the registration form you determined your own login and password
7. You can now participate in the debate
For any practical help you can mail to COMM-Web: COMM-WEB[at]


One Response

  1. I look forward to learning more about this discussion in the EU. It will guide international discussion over the next few years.

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