About EWL

Founded in 1990, the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) is the largest alliance of women’s non-governmental organisations in the European Union. The EWL works for the advancement of equality between women and men and for the achievement of parity democracy at all levels.

Why a European Women’s Lobby?

  • Women still do about 2/3 of the houseworkeven if they also have a job outside the house;
  • Women earn only 76% of men’s gross hourly pay (EU average) for the same job;
  • Men hold 76% of parliamentary seats in the EU;
  • It is estimated that one woman in five in Europe has been subjected to some form of violence. Women are most likely to fall victim to violence at home.

The EWL together with its member organisations throughout Europe therefore wants to put pressure on European Union institutions and national governments and decision-makers to advance towards equality between women and men in all areas, including the labour market, the elimination of all forms of violence against women, the promotion of women in decision-making etc. The EWL also works for the diversity of women to be taken into account into national and European policies.

As of June 2008, the EWL comprises 28 national co ordinations in European Union countries and countries in accession to the European Union and 19 European-wide member organisations. It represents approximately 2000 direct member organisations.

To found out more, visit the EWL website www.womenlobby.org

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