Facts and Figures

Women in decision-making in figures

Less than one third of the members of the European parliament are women, but there are big disparities between the statistics between Member States and political groups. Women are in average even less represented in national parliaments of the EU member states: only 22% of the members of national parliaments are women.

Download Factsheet 1 comprising figures for the representation of women in European and national institutions.

Measures for the promotion of gender equality in decision-making

The equal participation of women and men in decision-making is seen by European and international institutions as a fundamental basis of democracy and social justice and has been strongly promoted. However, in concrete terms, at European level no binding provisions exist for the realisation of gender equality in decision-making within European institutions. At national level some EU Member States have acted to fulfil these commitments and introduced various quota and parity measures to promote women in decision-making.

Introducing quotas and parity measures is only one way to reach the equal representation of women and men. Also reforming electoral systems, changing internal rules of the parliamentary assemblies and introducing policies to improve reconciliation of work and family and private life and fight the gender pay gap are needed.

Download Factsheet 2 outlining the existing measures taken for the promotion of gender equality in decision-making.

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