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One goal of the EWL 50/50 Campaign is to push decision-makers to improve European democracy and the representation of women in European decision-making bodies. To do so, we invite you to participate in our lobbying action, targeting decision-makers at national level and European levels.


The EWL 50/50 Campaign for Democracy is currently doing a large lobbying action concerning the nomination of the European Commission & other “EU top jobs”. The action aims at increasing the representation of women in internal decision-making post within the European Parliament (first letter) and in the European Commission (second letter).

Please feel free to translate/ adapt these letters and send them as soon as possible as decisions in this regard are being made right now and for the coming 5 years!

1.      The first letter, “EWL Model Lobbying Letter European Parliament”, should be sent to the leaders of the main political parties in your country and can also be sent to the leaders of the European parties in the European parliament (EP). The aim of this letter is to lobby  for more women in decision-making in relation to the current (un-transparent) negotiations that are taking place regarding the nominations of the next European Parliament’s President as well as Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Parliament’s Committees. The EWL asks for a woman President and 50% women as (vice)-chairs of EP committees. Please find the letter in English here and in French here.

2.      The second letter, entitled “EWL Model Lobbying Letter European Commission” is to be sent to your head of state / government. The aim of this letter is to lobby for the equal representation of women and men in relation to the nomination of European Commissioners. Please find the letter in English here and in French here.

Thank you for your action!


You can also take part in our efforts in the following ways:

  1. Participate in national activities organised by the national coordinations of the European Women’s Lobby.
  1. Share your knowledge with us! Do you know interesting campaigns, articles, websites, posters, or good practices introduced in your country related to women in decision-making? Let us know.
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