EU Top Jobs

In 2009 several EU top jobs are going to be filled. The discussions on the potential candidates have already started. Almost no women have been mentioned among the candidates. Participate in the 50/50 Campaign by telling us who is your candidate.

The following posts will be filled in any case:

  • President of the European Commission
  • President of the European Parliament
  • High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy

In case the Lisbon Treaty enters into force, two more positions will be filled:

  • President of the European Council
  • European High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy: This post would replace the currently existing High Representative post. Under the Lisbon Treaty the High Representative would also be the Vice-President in the Commission and chair the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs

It is considered as important that the persons in these top positions represent big, small, old and new member states, and different political parties. Why is it considered to be less important that they would represent both women and men?

Now we invite you to tell us who is YOUR candidate for these posts. Please tell the name of your candidate (and the position if you so wish) in the comment box below, or check the list of potential candidates which we have compiled based on your suggestions.


2 Responses

  1. consider Gesine Schwan for any of these posts

  2. Please consider Margreet de Boer, Annelies van Weezel, Rikki Holtmaat for high positions in the EU.

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