National Activities

The member organizations of the European Women’s Lobby will work for the 50/50 Campaign in the EU member states and in the accession countries in order to activate citizens at national level and to make the 50/50 Campaign truly European.

Behind the flags you can find information of national events and campaigns, statistics on women in decision-making and quotas in use, campaign documents in the national language, and contact information.

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Past and upcoming events

26 June 2009, Brussels, Belgium
The European Women’s Lobby will organize a 50/50 Campaign Seminar. The Conference will discuss the results of the European Parliament elections as well as the upcoming nominations of the European Commission.

1 June 2009, Pirkanmaa, Finland NYTKIS of Pirkanmaa: truck visit in Tampere, discussing the upcoming European elections and gender equality issues. Members will be present to introduce NYTKIS.  NYTKIS of Pirkanmaa arranged an EU-panel discussion on the National Women’s Day 8th of February.

1 June 2009, Helsinki, Finland Seminar organized by EWL member NYTKIS on the European elections 2009 and gender equality.

26 May 2009, Jyväskylä, Finland NYTKIS of Central Finland: truck tournee visit in Jyväskylä, discussing the upcoming European elections and gender equality issues.  Regional NYTKIS arranges an event  and members will distribute materials.

22 May 2009, Kuopio, Finland NYTKIS of Savo: truck tournee visit in Kuopio, discussing the upcoming European elections and gender equality issues. People from every regional member organisation will be present at the event.

15 May 2009, Portugal
The Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights, member organization of the EWL, is organizing a 50/50 Campaign seminar entitled “Parity and political participation” in cooperation with the representation of the European Commission in Portugal. This Seminar will take place in Lisbon in the auditorium of the representation of the European Parliament; please find the draft programme in English here as well,  a draft program in Portuguese here and the Press release in Portuguese here.

12 May 2009, France
The Regional Group for Action and Information for Women (Groupement Régional pour l’Action et l’Information des Femmes, GRAIF) is launching a support action for the 50/50 Campaign. The initiative aims to set up a list of support in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. This list will be made up of 100 prominent persons, of whom 50 will be women and 50 will be men, who represent political, cultural, artistic and sports areas, showing support for parity in the European Union and their support for quotas in countries that still do not have achieved this. For an invitation and program in French please click here.

11 May 2009, Austria
The EWL member organisation Österreichischer Frauenring is organising a 50/50 Campaign event entitled “Frauen wählt – EUROPÄISCHE DEMOKRATIE BRAUCHT FRAUEN“ (“Women Vote! European Democracy needs Women!”). The event will take place in the information office of the European Parliament in Vienna, with the participation of MEPs and women candidates.  Please click here for the program.

9 May 2009, Sweden
The European Commission, together with SKEN, (the Swedish Women´s lobby) will organise a seminar on the 50/50 Campaign with the participation of Margot Wallström. The target groups are young mothers and grandmothers.

9 May to 6 June 2009, several locations, Finland started the truck tournee of The European Movement in Finland, discussing gender equality and the European elections 2009. The tournee visits 25 localities between.

2 May 2009, Denmark
A seminar on women and the European Union is planned to take place in Copenhagen, Denmark on 2 May 2009. There will be three presentations in the morning and a panel with candidates to the European Parliament as well as a speech by a feminist author in the afternoon. Gender equality, diversity and the European Union will be discussed.

From March 19 to the last days in April 2009, Slovenia The Slovenian Women’s Lobby is organizing a serial of 8 public discussions with women candidates of all parties in the regions. Furthermore, they have published 90.000 copies of the 50/50 Campaign material in the biggest daily Delo and will, in mid May, publish information in Delo on what parliamentary parties promise on gender equality issues and on where they have placed their female candidates.

29 April 2009, Athens, Greece The European Women’s Lobby’s Greek coordination is organizing a press Conference and discussion event for the official presentation of their TV and radio spot, as well as of their pamphlet on the 50/50 Campaign for Democracy. This will take place on Wednesday 29th of April 2009 at 12.00 pm, Amerikis street 11, Athens, Greece.

27 April 2009, Barcelona, Spain This event is part of the 50/50 Campaign for Democracy and will be held in the Parlament of Catalonia (Parlamento de Cataluña), in Barcelona (Spain) at 19:00 pm. The President of the Catalan Generalitat, the President of CELEM and a member of the European Commission Representation in Barcelona will attend.

25 April 2009, Göteborg, Sweden
Swe Q will organise a seminar on the theme Women’s power and influence in Europe.

7 April 2009, Romania
Launch of the 50/50 Campaign in Romania. The Romanian Women’s Lobby will co-organize a meeting of the Civil Society representatives with the participation of Commissioner Margot Wallström.

6 April 2009, Berlin, Germany
The Deutsche Fraurenrat, the German coordination of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) is organising an event on women and decision-making in preparation for the European elections 2009 in the framework of the EWL 50/50 Campaign for Democracy.

4 April 2009, Berlin, Germany The European Women’s Lobby and the German’s Women’s Council are organizing an event supported by the European Commission entitled “Women for Europe – Europe for women!” in preparation of the European elections. Representatives of all political parties which are standing for election to the European Parliament will be present. The meeting will be moderated by Henny Engels, the Executive Secretary of the Deutscher Frauenrat, and EWL President Brigitte Triems. For more information on the event in German, please click here.

28 March 2009, Paris, France “Elles aussi”, a union of family and women’s associations that seeks to attain parity in political authorities is organizing a “European Symposium 1999-2009 – The issue of parity” at the Palais du Luxembourg with Michèle André as chairperson, Chairwoman of the Delegation for Women’s Rights of the Senate and with the participation of Valérie Létard, Secretary of State for Solidarity as well as other experts and parliamentarians.

26 March 2009, Brussels, Belgium The Parliament Magazine organizes an event to discuss women in business and politics. Amongst others, Myria Vassiliadou, Secretary General of the European Women’s Lobby, will be attending as a speaker. For more detailed information please click here.

20 and 21 March, Stockholm, Sweden The National Council of Women in Sweden is organizing a seminar on the European Union and gender equality entitled “Women’s Power and Influence in Europe”. The aims of the seminar are to increase women’s interest in the EU and in the EU elections, to provide thorough information on important EU issues that are of concern for women and to strengthen women’s networks. For the whole program in Swedish, please click here.

12 and 13 March, Potenza and Bari, Italy The Italian Women’s Lobby is organizing together with local authorities a roundtable entitled “More women in politics, less discrimination, more democracy” that is supported by the EU. To read the program in Italian and for more detailed information please click here and here.

13 March 2009, Brussels, Belgium
An event organized by the Mouvement Européen-Belgique is to take place on the 13 March 2009 in Brussels. The event will include speakers such Commissioner Margot Wallström, President of the Mouvement Européen-Belgique Anne Van Lancker, Federal Secretary and Spokesperson of Ecolo Isabelle Durant and Cecile Greboval from the European Women’s Lobby.

6 March 2009, Berlin, Germany Event with Marlene Parenzan, Board member of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) from Austria, will speak about the 50/50 Campaign under the title “Gleichgestellt in Europa: Stillstand oder Aufbruch?” The event is organised by the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation on Gender Equality.

6 March 2009, Slovenia The Slovenian Women’s Lobby organized together with the help of the Norwegian Royal Embassy in Slovenia a public debate on gender equality and the participation of women in politics. The event took place under the auspice of Mrs. Guro Katharina H.Vikor. To read a more detailed description of the event in English please click here and for further information in Slovenian please click here.

20 January 2009, Cyprus
The Cyprus Women’s Lobby, in cooperation with the European Parliament in Cyprus and the EC Representation in Cyprus, is hosting an open seminar entitled “Women in Decision Making: Overcoming Obstacles, Creating Change” on the 20th February 2009. The event will take place at the premises of the EC Representation in Cyprus.

8 January 2009, Prague, Czech Republic
The Czech Women´s Lobby (CWL) organized a Press Conference on the 50/50 Campaign. Amongst the speakers were Commissioner Margot Wallström, Director of the Fórum 50% Lenka Bennerová, Minister of the Government of the Czech Republic for Human Rights and National Minorities Džamila Stehlíková and Alexandra Jachanová Doleželová from the CWL. Commissioner Wallström held a speech on the importance of equality between women and men in leading politicals roles and on how to act for the achievement of this goal. Read her full speech here.

2 December 2008, Madrid, Spain
Event organised by Spanish EWL coordination CELEM with the participation of Commissioner Margot Wallström, the Vice-president of Spain Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega and the Minister for Equality Bibiana Aido and women from different Spanish political parties.

25 November 2008, Berlin, Germany
Event organised by Representation of the European Commission in Germany and the National Council of German Women’s Organisations with the participation of Commissioner Margot Wallström.

14 November, Dublin, Ireland
Event hosted by the National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI) and the European Commission Representation in Ireland, with the participation of Commissioner Margot Wallström. Read the press release.

7 November 2008, Brussels, Belgium
Presentation of the 50/50 Campaign at the seminar on the EU and gender equality organised by the European Centre of the International Council of Women (EWL member organisation).

5 November 2008, Prague, Czech Republic
Presentation of the 50/50 Campaign during a panel discussion in the conference organised by the Czech Women’s Lobby “Gender Equality – A Neglegted Priority (not only) during EU Presidency” in the Czech Parliment.

16 October 2008, Zagreb, Croatia
Presentation of the 50/50 Campaign during conference “Is Gender Equality a ‘Substitution Issue’ on the Political Agenda?”

October 2008, Malta
The Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations (MCWO) will meet the heads of the main political parties to discuss the EWL 50/50 Campaign with them. See picture from the meeting with Dr. Joseph Muscat, leader of Malta’s opposition Labour Party (MLP).

2 October 2008, Zagreb, Croatia
Round Table on Women and Politics. See flyer of the event.

23 September 2008, Ankara, Turkey
Launch of the 50/50 Campaign in Turkey. See picture from the event.

20 September 2008, Warsowa, Poland
Launch of the 50/50 Campaign in Poland. Read article about the launch.

16 September 2008, Brussels, Belgium
European Launch of the EWL 50/50 Campaign in the presence of Margot Wallström, Emma Bonino, Zita Gurmai, Bibiana Aido and Diana Wallis. See poster.

15 September 2008, London, UK
National Alliance of Women’s Organisations (NAWO) hosts a conference “Women’s Voices in Europe: Promoting Gender Equality through Lobbying and Policy influencing in Europe”. See flyer.

5 September 2008, La Rochelle, France
Presentation of the 50/50 Campaing in the workshop on citizenship and democracy during “European Civic Days”

30 August 2008, Frankfurt/Oder, Germany
Presentation of the 50/50 Campaign during a workshop at the Greens Summer University.

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