Events related to the 50/50 Campaign

3-4 April 2009 The Finnish member organisation NYTKIS attended the women and politics seminar with the participation of President Tarja Halonen and Vice-Commissioner Margot Wallström. The Finnish coordination made an intervention on behalf of the 50/50 Campaign and gathered signatures.

9th of May Europe-Day mini-market with EU-theme in Linnanmäki amusement park. Minister of Immigration and Europe Astrid Thors openend the event. People also had a chance to ask questions from MEP’s.

12 May 2009 NYTKIS of Varsinais-Suomi: truck tournee visit in Turku Member organisations were present at the event and distributed materials. After the event a NYTKIS-meeting was held.

14 May 2009 European Election – Women and Immigration (Eurovaalit –näkökulmia naisiin ja maahanmuuttoon) event was held in the International Cultural Center Caisa in Helsinki. Pia Siitoinen from European Parliament Information office in Finland held a presentation about EU and the EU-election in clear language. There was also a lively panel discussion for the MEP-candidates and questions from the audience.

15 May 2009 Vote for a Woman – Equality for the European Union Decision Making discussion event was held at the House of Parliament. Sirkka-Liisa Anttila, the Chair for the National Council of Women of Finland hosted the event. Women MEP-candidates from every party presented themselves. Topics were equal pay, combining family and work, how to increase women’s pay despite the economical crisis and equal sharing of the costs of family leaves.

18 May 2009 NYTKIS of Oulu: truck tournee visit in Oulu. Members will help distribute materials and introduce NYTKIS-activities. There is also going to be an introduction event for all women EU-candidates from Oulu region on 31st May.

22 May 2009 NYTKIS of Savo: truck tournee visit in Kuopio. People from every regional member organisation will be present at the event.

26 May 2009 NYTKIS of Central Finland: truck tournee visit in Jyväskylä. Regional NYTKIS arranges an event there and members will distribute materials.

1 June 2009 NYTKIS of Pirkanmaa: truck visit in Tampere. Members will be present to introduce NYTKIS. NYTKIS of Pirkanmaa arranged an EU-panel discussion on the National Women’s Day 8th of February.

1 June 2009 Seminar in Lasipalatsi, Helsinki.

9 May to 6 June 2009 started the truck tournee of The European Movement in Finland. The tournee visists 25 localities between 9th May and 6th June.

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