Events related to the 50/50 Campaign

9 May 2009, Sweden
The European Commission, together with SKEN, (the Swedish Women´s lobby) will organise a seminar on the 50/50 Campaign with the participation of Margot Wallström. The target groups are young mothers and grandmothers.

25 April 2009, Göteborg, Sweden
Swe Q will organise a seminar on the theme Women’s power and influence in Europe.

20 and 21 March, Stockholm The National Council of Women in Sweden is organizing a seminar on the European Union and gender equality on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 March entitled “Women’s Power and Influence in Europe”. The aims of the seminar are to increase women’s interest in the EU and in the EU elections, to provide thorough information on important EU issues that are of concern for women and to strengthen women’s networks.

On Friday 20 the focus will be on the issue of equal representation of women and men at all levels. On Saturday 21 the seminar is divided into theme groups where important issues at the European level are discussed. Speakers will include candidates from different Swedish parties. For the whole program in Swedish, please click here.

Information on women in political decision-making in Sweden




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Learn about quotas in Sweden from Quota Project

Campaign Material in Swedish

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Contact the EWL national coordination for more information

The Swedish Women’s Lobby
Norrtullsgatan 45, 1 van
S – 113 45 Stockholm
Tel : 46 8 335247
E-mail : skl@sverigeskvinnolobby.se ; karin.snabb@sverigeskvinnolobby.se

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