Activities related to the 50/50 Campaign in Turkey

23 September 2008, Ankara: Launch of the 50/50 Campaign in Turkey. See picture from the event and the Turkish campaign poster.

Information on women in political decision-making in Turkey




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Recent campaigns on women in decision-making

“More women candidates,
More women votes.
72 years ago, Turkish Parliament was the second of the world for the representation of the women, today it is the 167th. The accretion of the women’s representation in the parliament is the urgent condition for the democracy. We claim the parties to arrange their candidate lists as the women candidates can be elected.”
“Should I be a man to go into parliament?Women constitute half of the population, and yet, since 1995, the level of women’s representation in the parliamnet is 2,2 percent.
Parliaments, in which women are underrepresented can not produce democratic solutions.
Regarding women’s representation, Turkey ranks 163rd, out of 167 countries in the world.
For democracy, for equal participation and equal representation, let’s support women in politics.

Vote women”

Contact the EWL national coordination for more information

National Coordination of Turkey – KADER
Cevre Sokak, 29/2
TR – 06680-08 Ankara
Tel : +90 312 4678816
Fax : +90 312 4273979
Email: sacuner@superonline.com

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