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Many things have already been done in order to get more women in top decision-making positions. Campaigns and projects have been created to reach 50/50, research has been done and articles written on the topic.

In order to make this website more comprehensive, we invite you to share with us what you know. How have political parties in your country facilitated women’s positioning on candidate lists? What other best practice examples do you know? Have you read an interesting article lately, run into a website you think could be useful for us? Your knowledge will help us to map all the different efforts to reach 50/50 which have existed or which currently exist.

Please use the comment box below to share your knowledge!


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  1. WE SEND YOU THE INFORMATION ABOUT INITIATIVE WICCH WILL TAQKE PLACE IN casa internazionale delle donne next thursday 254 of sept , with EMMA BONINO – about 50& 50 .
    You can visit the website for more information. DONNE non PANDA

    Incontro con EMMA BONINO giovedì 25 settembre – ore 18,30 –

    via della Lungara 19 – Roma

    Se lo sguardo delle donne può cambiare il mondo,
    solo quando esse avranno il potere di decidere, di scegliere, di intervenire
    forse qualcosa accadrà
    magari in meglio.

    La Lobby Europea delle donne rilancia l’iniziativa 50/50 .

    L’A.F.F.I. invita donne e uomin ad un incontro politico aperto sul tema

    Presidenza AFFI

    Edda Billi
    Irene Giacobbe
    M.Gabriella Guidetti

    Roma, 19 settembre 2008

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